2011 Audition Tape

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After all that work on getting the propane mechanisms right, we were barred from ever using flame effects again. Apparently everybody wanted to add flame throwers after we did the prosthetics last year and an arms race would have ensued. Oh well. Everything still works as a sculptural prop…thing.

For posterity!

More Gratuitous Fire Testing

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Inch by inch I say…
There are still more bugs to work out, but it’s definitely getting there. I chose a pentacle for a lot of reasons. Let’s go with, awesome.

Gratuitous Fire Testing

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This is the fire test of the vaporizor/accumulator. Seems to work though, I’m not even sure how much better this works than a plain tank. It seems better based on experience, but I have to do that control testing. The level of control you have on the flame really is great though and. It works great as long as you don’t run it so hard the liquid propane can’t evaporate in the coil and floods the reserve tank. There are ways around this problem though.
I hope to have a pentacle (that’s what I’m calling them now) ready to test fire next week. I didn’t have any elbows to complete running the gas into to the brass form. It’s just endless plumbing purchases here at Sparkworks!

No pictures today

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We made a lot of progress today. (and I got a sunburn!) We warmed up with some more viewpoints exercises. Shadowing is an exercise in space, where partners maintain a spatial relationship. Adding a layer we played timing, either moving in unison or in canon (one at a time) Being a precocious bunch folks started moving into all out flocking, which we will cover next time.
After our warm up.We worked out act two of the piece. It’s going to mean something different to everybody, but I wanted to play with support and dependency. As a skill building exercise we practiced falling and catching in an increasingly severe way. Eventually the faller can’t move without support. That needs to get rolled out into a cohesive dance, but the moves and progression are there. That section will last just as long as the fans will burn. They will be extra big fans so about 4min.
This section is going to progress into the pentacle section. That is still taking shape in my mind.

First Dancy Rehearsal

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I was pretty happy with our first ensemble rehearsal. We laid out the general show concept for the show and did the first exercises to help us dance as a group. I rushed into things a bit with the viewpoints so here is a breakdown.

Viewpoints breaks down performance into 6 components.
Kinetic sensation
Emotion(or sound)

We compartmentalize like this to keep things from getting muddled. Focusing on one element at a time let’s us make choices we might not realize are available. We will delve more into the viewpoints in later rehearsals.

I said something at the first meeting I thought I should clarify. Part of working with a group is that not everybody gets to spin as much as they might want. For those of you who come to rehearsal regularly this less so. This is community theater, not cirque du soliel. If you are here and you want it, the stage is yours.

Vapor Accumulator Prototype

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It’s janky looking but it should work. In case it isn’t intuitive what this is, this is a device to evaporate liquid propane and accumulate it for burning. Sadly it isn’t going to look pretty while doing it.

The problem with prototyping is that you don’t just make mistakes you hit upon fundamental design flaws. I made a frame for this coil out of luon it is a bit flimsy but it will hold. The problem is that the coil doesn’t let the luon sit flat. I should have raised the holes slightly on each post. Now it won’t fit in the frame I cut for it. Oops.

Well it’s just a prototype anyway, it’s allowed to have duct tape. More importantly here is how it should work. A full propane tank is attached upside down. There is a 1/4 safety valve and a fine control valve on this end. You need to slowly feed the liquid propane out of the tank so that there is negative pressure, allowing it to boil and giving it time to evaporate.

On the top side, the gas accumulates in another small tank. Because there is pressure here another valve is in place for flow control. Finally a stop flow quick connect let’s you hook up the device and disconnect it without venting the whole system.

I’ll take it for a test run next week!

Spring cleaning

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I got a little caught up in making those fans. My bench looks like a warzone! Regarding the fans I spent some time with the sander to get the rough spots off of the Mondrain fans. There was still some black in the recessed areas. I used a steel cup brush attached to the drill press to clean up what the sander couldn’t reach. There are still some nooks that require a dremel, and the handles should be smooth and shiny, but at some point the fans get soot all over them.

Tara’s urban grandma fan: rough cut.

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After much rolling and bending Tara finally got all the pieces together for her fans. I stuck them together bottom to top, like so:

And voila!

Tara’s urban grandma fan: rough cut.

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After much rolling and bending Tara finally got all the pieces together for her fans. I stuck them together bottom to top, like so:

And voila!

I like the way the handles turned out. Tara spent a lot of time playing with other people’s fans to decide what would work best for what she wanted to do.

I must admit that they aren’t the lightest fans in the world, but to have all that ornate work, I don’t think it could be much lighter and still be brass.

There is a bit of sanding and shining to do with this one and of course it should have a mate. More pictures once it’s polished and wicked.

I hope I’m not going too far here.

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I wanted to roll metal hoops, but I just don’t have the space to anchor a roller into the floor. Instead I thought I would make some shapes. The fans had lots of squares so I thought I should up the ante and go with a pentagon for the propane fans. Well it turns out pentagons are a culturally charged shape especially when you decide to interconnect the corners and make a little star. Cute!

I was remarking to Ray of the Bushwick print lab that I’m not thinking beyond what is compelling to me when it comes to fire. He replied,”I think that’s called art.” So there, it’s art now!

The tricky part here is working the valve handle into the shape. I think I should stay with the roped brass and not use the plastic grip handle. I can’t weld it too much because of the valve parts, so I will need silver solder to keep the handle together. Inside of the tubes I am using copper with flange fittings to keep everything up to code.